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The first boat

The party was fun, but so very sad deep down. I was constantly reminded how fortunate I was to have made such good friends... and how sad that it was to be saying goodbye to them.

I was going to list everyone by name, but maybe it's better just to let that go. Let them be a fond, distant memory, not something I hold onto desperately. I've too many things I hold so dear already, and each just causes sorrow.

I'm finally on the first boat that my journey will take me on. A day trip from a little dock by the Exodar to the busy yet strangely quiet port of Auberdine. Then a long voyage to Menethil Harbour to meet my main financier and the rest of the expedition, followed by a slightly shorter sail going South around the Maelstrom, back to Kalimdor and Theramore. There I'll meet with Lady Jaina herself(I'm rather trepidatious, what will she think of that choice I made?) and finally set sail for Northrend aboard one of several ships she's sending to help establish a beachhead there. Prelude to invasion, or just setting up a line of defense? I hope for and fear the former, but it's probably the latter.

This ship, the Elune's Blessing, is a very pretty craft. The crew are all quite polite and good at their jobs. They tell me it's smooth sailing ahead, which is typical in these parts, and I'm glad for it. My voyages to come will not be so gentle, and I seem to have lost my sea legs some time ago. I would have thought a draenei might have joined the crew by now, I've heard several express fascination with Azeroth's seas. Apparently either such adventurous spirits prefer to join crews of wider-ranging vessels, or the night elves prefer to employ their own. Actually, the crew, apart from the cook and mister Frostwalker, a provisioner, seem to have a military bearing. Night elf culture is so alien, moreso than the draenei in many ways, and their military seems to permeate much of their society. It's so much less a distinct part of their society than for humans. A peasant may be called into a militia, and a soldier may retire to become a craftsman, but there are limits to how much the line can blur. It seems like every kal'dorei is a Sentinel, Druid or Priestess when they need to be, and private citizen when that's allowed needed instead.

The last day with the draenei

I'm going on such a long journey, alone, so it's only fitting that I write a journal to keep record and to keep me company.

There's nothing left where my tent near the smithy in the Exodar once stood. The tent itself in stowed away in one of my packs, and whatever I can't take with me I've sold(for my travel fund) or donated to needy locals. So, I sit here, surrounded by baggage, and I stare at the spot that was my home for six or seven months. There's no trace, even the scuff marks I'd left around the area were mended by a Broken looking for something easy to fix up. Can't blame him, I've put weeks at a time into helping with the bigger structural problems here and the end result was never enough that you'd notice.

The Exodar is functional, though, and it will serve the draenei well as a capital. I expect, though, that most will make their homes elsewhere on Azuremyst and wider Azeroth, where they can build more comfortable, livable structures that don't look like they're on the verge of collapse. The Exodar is very stable now, but there are cracks and breaks everywhere that can never truly be fixed. Maybe filled in and covered over, but anyone with working eyes can tell there's something off about the angles.

The draenei have been so welcoming and caring, and I've done my best to show them as much generosity and kindness as I can in return. I've taught them a great deal about Azerothian metallurgy and blacksmithing techniques, which have greatly aided in their reconstruction, as well as a lot of local fishing tips. They've taught me much about the Light as they percieve it, lessons of their history(which is so long, and yet is living memory for many), as well as their own smithing prowess. I was also taught about their roma

So, here I sit, watching the void that remains of where I spent most of my twentieth year thus far, and I'm trying so hard to avoid thinking about what I'm going to do from here. It's a fool's errand, and I'm likely going to die. I have no idea how I'll actually do what I intend to do, and I have little hope that I can succeed. And still, I feel drawn there. I feel something tethered to my heart, pulling me North.

The draenei tell me I am blessed with divine purpose, that I should follow my heart, that I am destined to be a great healer of the wounds in this world. If it weren't for their encouragement, I'd be content to stay and help heal their wounds right here, but their faith, their belief in both the Light and in a slightly rough-edged but pure intentioned girl from Lordaeron...

The smiths, the paladin trainers, several labourers and assorted others are throwing me a goodbye party. They think it's a secret, but draenei have more trouble lying than I do. I suppose I'll finish this entry here, and "answer my summons" to the paladins.

That felt good to get out. I think I'll enjoy this.


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